(Founder of Recovery, Inc.)

1891 -  Born February 28, 1891, in Baranow, Poland.
1898 -  Attended grade and high school in Lyceum, Strasbourg, Alsace, France, 1898 - 1910.
1910 -  Attended the University of Strasbourg Medical School, France, 1910-1913.
1913 -  Attended the University of Vienna Medical School, Austria.
1918 - Served in the Medical Corps of the Austrian Army.
1919 - Graduated from the University of Vienna Medical School with an M.D. degree.
1919 - Served an internship in Vienna, Austria, at the Allgemenies Krankenhaus in 1919 and 1920.
1921 - Arrived in the United States in 1921. Became a naturalized citizen in 1927.
1921 - General practice in New York City, 1921-1923.
1923 - General practice in Chicago, 1923-1925.
1925 - Practice of neurology, 1925-1954; appointed as an instructor in Neurology,
University of Illinois Medical School, 1925-1931.
1931 - Practice of psychiatry, 1931-1954. Appointed as an assistant professor of psychiatry, University of Illinois Medical School, 1931-1939; Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of Illinois Medical School, 1940.
1931 - Assistant Director of the Psychiatric Institute, University of Illinois Medical School, 1931-1940; Acting Director of the Psychiatric Institute, University of Illinois Medical School, 1940-1941.
1931 - During the years 1931 to 1941 Dr. Low was Assistant to the State Alienist for Illinois. In this capacity he supervised all of the Illinois State Hospitals, visited them regularly, conducted a demanding program of seminars with the staffs of the state hospitals and interviewed the most severe mental patients from the wards.
1936 - Dr. Low's "Studies in Infant Speech and Thought" was published, University of Illinois Press. Some sixty paper by Dr. Low dealing variously with such topics as: Histopathology of brain and spinal cord, studies on speech disturbances (aphasias) in brain lesions, clinical testing of psychiatric and neurological conditions, studies in shock treatment, laboratory investigations of mental diseases and several articles on group psychotherapy have been published in medical periodicals over a span of several years.
1937 - Founded Recovery, Inc., The Association of Nervous and Former Mental Patients, November 7, 1937. Served as Medical Director of Recovery, Inc., 1937-1954.
1938 - Presented lectures to relatives of former patients (for improving the domestic environment of patients), 1938-1941.
1940 - Incorporated Recovery, Inc., under the laws of Illinois as a non-profit corporation, October 3, 1940.
1941 - Moved Recovery, Inc., from the Psychiatric Institute. Recovery became an independent association.
1943 - Dr. Low's three volumes of "The Technique of Self-help in Psychiatric Aftercare" (including "Lectures to Relatives of Former Patients") were published by Recovery, Inc. Of these three volumes, "Lectures to Relatives" ...only is now in print.
1950 - Recovery's main text, "Mental Health Through Will-Training", Christopher Publishing Co., was published. Dr. Low wrote numerous articles and presented hundreds of lectures on the Recovery system of self-help aftercare between 1937 and 1954.
1952 - Established the Recovery model Self-Help Panel in November, 1952 at 116 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, after 15 years of research and study perfecting the Recovery Method.
1954 - Deceased, November 17, 1954, at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota.
FELLOW: American Medical Association
American Psychiatric Association
MEMBER: Illinois Psychiatric Society
Chicago Neurological Society
Central Neuropsychiatric Association
American Group Psychotherapy Association
INTERESTS: Book collecting, Shakespearian studies, Classical Literature
LANGUAGES: Spoke English, German, French