Indoor Programs

Corunna's Wildcat indoor program has been expanding for the past three years.

        1. The program includes travel indoor teams,
        2. skill building drills,
        3. an intermural indoor league open to the public
        4. Total Soccer,
        5. & visits to Detroit Michigan to play before the Detroit Rocker's in Joe Louis Arena.

The past travel teams have had the chance to travel outside the district to play vs. competitive and district travel indoor teams.

Indoor skill building programs are open to the public. The fee of these programs is 40.00$ for once a week from mid-October to mid-March. Trained professionals offer their time for some sessions, to improve the players skills. The players get to know one another and play skill building games.

The fee of this league is 40.00$ or 10.00$ if you are included in the skill building programs. You will be placed on a team and given a free team shirt. This league includes 17 games and a playoff tournament in March. This league is strickly for skill building and enjoyment although, most teams are quite talented and skilled. Players who play in this league may be seen and will receive a chance to join the travel teams or travel to Detroit Michigan.


Total Soccer is a league played in Detroit Michigan. The girls on this team play once a week vs. Detroits indoor premiere teams. These games are played on sundays.

Every year more and more teams from the Wildcat association have received the chance to play in Joe Louis arena. The players play a scheduled game vs. a different team every year on the Detroit Rocker's playing field before their game. Players also have the chance to meet and shake hands with the professionals during the introduction of the teams. Afterwards Wildcat members view an actual game.


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