Thank You

Lambton Wildlife Incorporated wish to thank those who have made this series possible:

This series is primarily the work of Floyd Elliott. It was conceived as a continuation of the Nature Notes series, published in the Sarnia Observer throughout the 1997-1998 season. Floyd assumed responsibility for the thankless task of persuading members to submit pictures and text for the series, and to do it on time. He also contributed substantially to the series, through his own pictures.

Most of the pictures of this series were scanned by Ken Hall at the Lambton Industrial Society, for adapting to use on the World Wide Web . L.I.S. has been most generous with their support for this, and the Nature Notes series, as presented on the web.

We wish to thank the Sarnia Observer, who published this series in the first place, and who have been most helpful in providing scans of the photographs they used, plus the accompanying text.
We wish to thank Elecrobyte Technologies, who provide us with access to the internet free of charge, plus much-needed technical help.
We are grateful to all photographers who have contributed to this series. We are particularly grateful to the professional photographers who have contributed: Jim Flynn, Ben and Brenda Kulon and Rob Tymstra.

Ross MacMillan
Lambton Wildlife Inc P.O. Box 681 Sarnia, Ont. N7T 7J7.