Lambton Wildlife
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Who are we?

Primarily we are a group of Lambton County residents (more than 200 families) who enjoy natural history and like to share our interests, experiences, knowledge and concerns for the state of the environment with other enthusiasts. Lambton Wildlife Inc. is a nonprofit, volunteer, naturalist organization, founded in 1966, and is licensed as a charitable corporation under the Income Tax Act. We are dedicated to the conservation, preservation, and protection of the natural environment in Lambton County.

LWI owns and/or manages several environmentally important or unique properties in Lambton County including Mandaumin Woods, the Port Franks Forested Dunes, the Karner Blue Sanctuary and the Howard Watson Nature Trail. In addition LWI was instrumental in the establishment of the Ausable Valley Trail, the creation of the Wawanosh Wetlands, the purchase of the Mystery Falls property near Arkona and the establishing of Centennial Park.

We conduct well attended indoor and outdoor public nature programs. As well we sponsor a "Young Naturalists" club, and annually award a bursary to a deserving secondary school student who is pursuing studies in an environmentally related field. We publish a newsletter 8 times a year and maintain this internet site which is linked to the F.O.N. network, as well as many other environmental sites. Traditionally we have cooperated closely with a number of like minded organizations, such as Carolinian Canada, The Federation of Ontario Naturalists and the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Several of our members are recognized authorities on topics ranging from botany, entomology and ornithology, to wetlands and tall grass prairie reclamation, and are active in a variety of conservation, environmental and educational projects and organizations.

For more detail on LWI's interests and accomplishments please see the History page.