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The Young Naturalists Club

The Young Naturalists Club was initiated in 1995 by Brenda Lorenz for the purpose of creating an environment for young people with an interest in nature to learn about the flora and fauna in our world. Since Brenda and Kim Gledhill (the second leader) were not able to continue with the club this year due to other commitments, Floyd Elliot asked if I would be interested in picking up where they left off. We agreed that the best approach would be to run a reduced program (one meeting a month rather than two), and continue to search for a second full-time leader.

2000-2001 Program

YNC participants are boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 11. The maximum number of participants is 20 (currently 13 are enrolled). The cost is $15 per participant; for each additional child in the same family the cost is $5.

- YNC will meet the third Tuesday each month for an indoor meeting at St. Therese's School. Each meeting will focus on a different nature topic, and will include a variety of activities, projects and games through which participants will learn about that topic. Some meetings will also include a special guest who is an expert on the topic. The first meeting was held October 17th with 'Insects' as the topic. Robert DiFruscia visited the group with his impressive insect collection and wealth of knowledge.

- For some months an outdoor meeting or field trip will also be included. On October 21st the group met at Canatara Park for an 'Insect Search.'

Program Support:

- At this time there is only one leader, and several parents have offered to help in 'classroom management' at each meeting (one parent per meeting). The club should have two full-time leaders who would work together to develop and deliver the program activities. Should anyone come across a suitable candidate who is interested, I would be pleased to discuss the possibility of recruiting him/her as a second leader.

- I am still planning the winter and spring portions of the program and would be happy to receive any suggestions for topics, places to visit, guest speakers, etc.

Kimberly Gledhill