The Marijuana Connection     Saying no one ever died from smoking marijuana is like saying no one ever died from smoking tobacco.
 © Louise Perkins, Director Education & Research, Lambton Families In Action For Drug Education, P. O. Box 2753, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. N7T 7V9. Board of Directors - Drug Watch International,  Member - International Drug Strategy Institute June 1999

From Mr. Robert  B. Charles, Chief of Staff and Chief Counsel,
Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy and Human Resources,
U.S. House of Representatives
        June 17, 1999
Dear Ms. Perkins and Families in Action,

 I would just like to thank you profusely - on behalf of the many members of the U.S. Congress who have been able to see your written bibliography of marijuana studies -- for creating what I believe to be the best existing bibliography on studies detailing damage caused by marijuana that exists.  The studies you cited, as we have referred to them and found them, are breath-taking.  They clearly demonstrate the damage done to the human brain functions and the organ itself, to the varied organs of the body, including the heart, lungs and reproductive systems of males and females (especially at a young age), the damage done to the immune system (accelerating both HIV into AIDs, and AIDs into the fatal terminus of that disease), and an array of internationally- documented psychological
impairments.  This bibliography was used only yesterday in a congressional hearing that was widely reported in the AP news service and will appear in Sunday's New York Times (I am told) on the dangers of drug legalization. Your work, and that of your organization, is compelling, important, should be heard or read by every parent in the United States and Canada, and is making a difference - it was a pivotal piece of the hearing and follow-on discussions around the US Congress, and was specifically cited by Congressmen Bob Barr of Georgia, John Mica of Florida, Asa Hutchinson of
Arkansas, and Mark Souder of Indiana. It was - and I applaud your effort now and into the future - a strong, factually-based and highly influential resource in describing for the United States Congress why the policy choices of decriminalizing this drug, legalizing this drug, or following the fictitious notion (a false and misleading name for the promotion of substances that destroy the lives of children and adults both) of harm reduction - are all terrible choices.  Your work is to be commended, and I
hope that we can continue to circulate your fine set of medical and statistical evidence of marijuana's deadly potential to the many thousands of Americans who need and want this vital information.  Thank you for your determination, accuracy, organization of information and people, and caring
- Sincerely,

    Robert B. Charles
    Chief of  Staff and Chief Counsel
    Subcommittee on Criminal Justice,
     Drug policy and Human Resources
    U.S. House of Representatives

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